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When you are beginning to draw a portrait the first step is to establish the overall outside shape of the head. This entails accurately gauging both the height/width proportion and the actual shape. The more common term for this is the contour, but I prefer to call it the arabesque as it denotes a rhythmic quality.

The most common error is to begin with an eye and 'growing' out the face from there. Once in a while you will get a decent drawing but such a method lacks consistency.

The likeness of your portrait is determined by that initial big shape, the arabesque. Everything else is subservient to it. From there it is a matter of breaking down the big shape into the smaller corresponding shapes such as the features, hair, neck, etc.

If you can get that big shape down accurately you can easily get the small shapes. This is working from the general to the specific.

Portrait Drawing Lessons and Tutorials are FREE
Portrait Drawing Lessons and Tutorials are FREE

Michael Britton, Copy of Rubens' Isabella Brant, Sanguine/Black Conte

From accurately gauging and striking the outside shape (the arabesque) of the head to the finished drawing is a skill that can be taught to almost anyone.

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How to Draw Faces and Portraits

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