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Portrait Drawing

When we draw a portrait our first step is to strike the arabesque which is the overall outside shape of the head. This entails accurately gauging both the height/width proportion and the actual shape. The more common term for this is the contour, but I prefer to call it the arabesque as it denotes a rhythmic quality. For me, terminology implies intent.

Drawing and painting is about shape, its proportion and angles. This is where the beginner should start, by learning how to accurately draw a given shape.

You should always work from the general to the specific. And that means starting with the biggest shape. From there it is a matter of breaking down the big shape into its corresponding smaller shapes such as the features, hair, neck, etc.

The likeness of your sitter is also determined by that big shape, the arabesque. Everything else is subservient to it. Getting that initial arabesque wrong pretty much dooms the entire drawing.

The good news is that learning how to draw beginning with that initial arabesque is easily learned. Yes, it does take practice -- everything worthwhile does -- and in a very short while you will master that first critical skill. Everything else builds upon it.

portrait drawing lessons for beginners

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Beginner Drawing Lessons 3
Michael Britton, Portrait of Sonya, Sanguine Conte

From accurately gauging and striking the outside shape (the arabesque) of the head to the finished drawing is a skill that can be taught to almost anyone.

Begin your training with these free online drawing lessons. The beginner should begin with Drawing an Old Shoe.

The more experienced artist can begin with A Portrait of Verna in Sanguine Conte.

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The Portrait Drawing Mastery Studio Collection
The portrait drawing training program that takes you from Beginner to Advanced

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